Assistant Professor

Shruti Ramtirthkar

Assistant Professor

Bachelor's / UG : B. Arch (ID), Dr. B.N.C.A., Savitribai Phule University - 2014
Masters/ PG : MS in Interior Architecture, Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA - 2016

After completing my graduation from Dr. BNCA, Pune, I pursued my Master of Science in Interior Architecture from Jefferson University Philadelphia, USA. I had the opportunity to gain a deeper perspective in interior detailing, sustainable options in interiors as well as conservation of architecture during my studies over there. The holistic experience about a different lifestyle, architectural style and design philosophy with my peers in USA has helped me a lot in forming varied perspectives and thoughts that has led me to share my experiences in teaching at BNCA now. I was able to gain some work experience in USA during my internship and had the opportunity to be part of some commercial projects that taught me the professional way in dealing with architecture in USA.

Coming back to India, I worked at an architectural/interior firm for a year and a half to gain awork experience and then joined academics. Along with teaching, I am also taking up interior and architectural projects simultaneously to broaden my experience in the field. During this tenure, a study tour to Spain that housed a Step by Step Barcelona workshop, further added to my knowledge and experience which I am able to share during lecture classes with the students. My experiences as a student, as a traveller and as a professional are helping me to better my skills and insights that are in turn making me utilize this opportunity as a professor to teach students.