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BNCA'S - FABLAB is essentially a Maker's space and facility. Incrementally developed since 2010 the BNCA-FABLAB provides precision prototyping equipment for wood, plastics, metals as well as a complement of rapid prototyping tools including laser cutting, 3D printing, and now a six KUKA Kr 30-3 with a milling spindle to allow all kind of milling solutions that challenge the dexterity of hands.

We provide an environment wherein we bring in our inventory of core competencies and a fabulous array of digital machinery to let people work together on complex projects to make almost anything.

The BNCA-FABLAB is an evolving ecosystem and has been a continued leader among academic institutions in India utilizing machine automation to perform both subtractive and additive manufacturing processes for architectural prototyping.

Currently the FABLAB houses laser cutting & engraving machines, CNC router & milling machine, 3D printers and Dremel toolkits providing the ability to work at a wide range of material scales. The Laboratory has three work cells namely, the laser work cell with two laser cutting & engraving machines, the 3D printing work cell with two 3D printers and the robotic fabrication work cell with a CNC router & milling machine and a 6 - Axis Kuka robot. The Digital tools are supported by electronic kits [ARDUINO based] and traditional analog hand tools

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Terms & Condition

Manual Tools

2 X 150 mm 6 inch stainless steel digital capiler vernier with lcd display screen
2 X stanley 92905 400mm tools storage or 16 plastic tool box
Black & decker cd 121k5012-volt cordless drilldriver with keyless chuck and 50 accessories kit
Bosch 103 piece titanium drill and screwdriver set
Bosch dremel 4000
Bosch dremel Forti 1 ex tool set
Bosch dremel moto-saw ms 20-01
Bosch dremel plunge router attachmnet tool
Bosch dremel shaper or router table
Bosch dremel workstation on drill press attachment
Bosch glm 50 laser distance measurement device
Bosch gsb 600 re smart drill kit
Moodular Accessories set
pront zoom electric portable spray painting machine
Stanley hot e elt glue gun or stanley 2000 watt variable speed heat gun

Axis KUKA Robot Brand: KUKA KR 30

Work area: Max. reach 2033 mm
Payload : 30 kg

Supplementary payload : 35 kg

Number of axes : 6

Repeatability: < ±0,06 mm Weight : 665 kg Controller : KR C4


Work area: 300mm X 225mm X 200mm
Materials : PLA - PolyLactic Acid Filament

PLA Explained in a Nutshell. PLA (PolyLactic Acid) is a

biopolymer, i.e., a biodegradable plastic. It is made from

renewable raw materials such as cornstarch or sugarcane.

ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Filament

ABS plastic filament. The UP Plus can print in

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) thermoplastic and is the

primary material used by the 3D printers.

File type: STL, OBJ

Applications: Printing prototypes, directly from3D modeling,

molding small objects, jewelry prototypes, etc.

Brand: GCC Spirit SI-25

Work area: 460mm x 740mm
Cutting Materials : Non-Metal Such as:

MDF 3mm, Acrylic Sheet 0.5 to 8mm, Paper, Laser foil

Engraving Materials: Mirror, Stone,

MDF, Marbel, Acrylic, Soft Wood,

Coated Metal, Leather etc

File type: CDR, DWG, DXF, etc.

Applications: Signs, cutting pieces of models, raster,

cut patterns, etc.


Work area: 1200mm x 1200mm
Cutting Materials :Cutting limit 18mm

Non-Metal Such as:

Soft Wood, MDF, Plywood, Foam,

Thermocol, ABS Sheet etc

Milling Materials: Milling limit 22mm

Soft Wood, MDF, Thermocol,

File type: CDR, DXF, Art Com,

Applications: Milling of 3-D models,

full scale furniture parts, molding

and casting, architectural elements, etc.



Charges, request quote in case of 3D Printer, job done SMS/ email, Profession student, professional, BNCA staff

Contact as email – DFL (email to be created by IT dept. BNCA)


DFL Timeing

Weekday Timeing 7.45 am To 4.00 pm

Saturday and Sunday Holiday

*National / General Holiday as per academic calendar of BNCA

GST All taxes extra

Material to be Provided by you except 3D printer

Any damage due to technical error will not be BNCA – DFL liability

Job will be proceeded only after 100% Advance with Material submission

Quote is valid for 2 days

No model storage facility available once job completed

DFL Robotic Bay Inauguration

Ar. Poonam Sardesai, (DFL-INCHARGE)

Department of Digital Architecture, BNCA

Email :

Phone : +91 985 057 4530



Yogesh Kulkarni

Head Technician, [DFL],

Department of Digital Architecture, BNCA

Email :

Phone : +91 950 301 9172


Phone : +91 20 25474062

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