This is an exciting time for BNCA. Building on our strong tradition of excellence, we have completed the first phase of growth on our path towards architectural research becoming the country’s preeminent Doctoral research Center under the banner of University of Pune. In this current culture of increased awareness and change toward higher consciousness, we believes that there is a role for a strong architectural research program that provide a crucial blend of science and philosophy in creating well-rounded and progressive research programs in architecture that can lead to PhD degree. BNCA provide students with opportunities to explore the multiple important dimensions of architectural research by giving candidates the freedom to specialize in any of the concerned areas that impact architectural development as a whole. Our people and our research programme is increasingly engaging with, and making a difference to, our community. In doing so we are helping build a bridge to a better world.

In the capacity of the head of the doctoral program I warmly invite any likeminded individuals to experience the innovation of an integrated architectural research program with holistic emphasis. BNCA is involved in groundbreaking research in architecture which the candidates are free to explore in individualized programs designed to meet their specific needs and interests within the field. The institute offers a robust intellectual environment that engenders an exciting range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and an ambitious array of learning experiences. Our mission is to merge the architecture into the larger science and technology-centered context of the Institute and the world beyond. The intellectual capital of our faculty is a key distinguishing feature of our programs. We have created a culture built on integrity, teamwork and an entrepreneurial spirit, and are nimble in adapting to emerging challenges and opportunities. If you are stimulated to explore what’s on the horizon in architectural research and motivated by rigorous academics, then BNCA is the place for you.

For people capable of original thought, analysis, and creativity, which are able to keep learning and developing our door is open. On behalf of all staff of the BNCA let me welcome you to the doctoral programme for the 2011-2012 Academic Year.

Various research activities have been undertaken and are on-going as showcased in our research section. We also welcome research collaborations and joint ventures from interested individuals and organizations in architecture and allied fields. Browse through our site and see what we have to offer you in terms of academic pursuits and research advancement. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes,

Dr. Vasudha A. Gokhale
Head Doctoral Research Center

Ar. Meera P Shirolkar
Research Center Co-ordinator
For information contact — 9921698469