Exchange student 2017 – 18
University of Canberra In Australian Capital Territory

I had been for Student Exchange at University of Canberra In Australian Capital Territory. It being a planned city, living there and analyzing the ongoing development in the city helped me learn a lot about Urban Planning. The units that I took encouraged me to broaden my perspective about architecture as a whole. We had been learning an architectural theory subject in which we learnt how every space can be defined under certain primary categories while how intangible aspects of it shape the overall character of these spaces. We had also been in Creative Arts Specialist Unit where in we learnt how to teach Arts to students which in turn helped increasing our sensitivity towards impact of Arts in Architecture. We also learnt new softwares like Maya as well as new Animation techniques to add on to our skill set. Overall UC has been an amazing experience due to it's campus,faculty and extracurricular activities that help us interact with so many people from varied cultures and backgrounds.
I really Thank BNCA for choosing me for this Exchange Programme.
My Dad asked me one question when I came back: WHAT DID YOU LEARN?
I answered LIFE!


Diganta Gujaran

Exchange student 2017 – 18
Carleton University. Canada

OIN Student Exchange Program at Carleton University is the best thing that happened to me in the year 2017.The orientation program that was held in York university was very helpful because we met other exchange students from China, France and Germany. The BNCA girls made an impact on other exchange students by wearing sari to depict the Indian culture. At Carleton, I had taken two subjects Studio 4 and Architectural Technology 4. The studio project was done in pairs. We had to design a residential building. It was a learning process for me to understand the Canadian way of designing residential layout and the building codes that were used.There was a website called geoottawa which would give you detailed building rules for the chosen site, which i felt was easily to understand. I noticed that the Canadian students mainly focus more on the presentation of their panels. I had three phase juries and in each juries professionals from the city would give positive inputs. I felt that the professors and the professionals were also been very encouraging to the students. The architectural technology 4 was a theory subject were we had lectures on the building envelope design, cladding systems, foundations, roofs,etc. This courses had a written exam where we were allowed to chest legally by taking an A4 cheat sheet and write in them everything that we think was important. Taking cheat sheet for exam was a strange but it was fun.

The exchange was not just about academics but meeting new people, understanding Canadian culture, food, history,etc. We also attended to major festivals like thanksgiving and Christmas which was hosted by a Canadian family. The meeting was so kind and cheerful that we never felt that we are away from home.

We were part of outdoorsy group of Carleton, where for the first time I did camping,canoeing, kayaking and also tobogganing. Trying out new things in a new country was amazing.

Altogether, Canada was a great experience and I am grateful to BNCA for giving me this exposure.
OH CANADA!! You will always be remembered.


Vidya Venugopal

Exchange student 2017 – 18
Carleton University, Canada

Studying in Canada at the Carleton University through my OIN exchange for the fall semester of 2017, was a wonderful way to thoroughly experience the educational and cultural expanses. To devote the time to understand various means of approaching an architectural subject and to have learnings that come from a vast contextual difference, really helped broaden my perspective and become more aware of my fundamentals. It was also an opportunity to meet incredible people from all around the world and wonderfully bond through various platforms that the University offered to cohere, which in turn helped in bridging cultural differences.