Exploring different important world renowned places. Understanding works of Master Architects. Exploring towns, cities and their culture, cuisine and of course Architecture. Relating man and Architecture.  Learning through travel. Explore. Sketch. Photograph. Get inspired.


Spain – Portugal (August 2009) – Exploring Architecture by Antonio Gaudi and Santiago Calatrava


Sri-Lanka (Feb 2011) – Exploring Architecture by  Geoferry Bawa (M. Arch)
Paris – Amsterdam (August 2010) – International Architecture


Scandinavia (August 2011) – Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway (Report published in ‘IA&B’ – an International Journal featuring off-beat works)
Sri- Lanka (Nov 2011) – Exploring Architecture by Geoferry Bawa (B. Arch)


Spain (Nov 2012) – Exploring Architecture by Gaudi and Calatrava


France (Nov 2014) – Exploring Architecture of the French Riviera and Visiting      some of the most iconic buildings including the Eiffel Tower, The Palace of Versailles etc.
Dubai (Nov 2014) – Exploring the modern Architecture of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah
Italy (Nov 2013) – Exploring the mesmerizing Church Architecture, the Great Rome and the wonderful cities of Naples, Florence and Milan.

2015 – 16

Spain and France  (Nov 2015) – Exploring Architecture of Paris and Visiting  some of the most iconic buildings including the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre etc. 5 day workshop at ETSAB, Barcelona, City tour of Valencia
Sri – Lanka (Nov 2015) – Exploring the modern Architecture and traditional Architecture of Sri Lanka

2016 – 17

Amsterdam, Paris, Japan, Tunisia, Kenya


Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Croatia