CEL( Center for Ecological Landscapes) is a platform established at BNCA , Pune, India.

The center intends to connect people from various disciplines concerning with ecology and aims at ecological well-being of earth and its communities as its larger goal.

The educational platform provided by CEL intends to positively impact the minds of people and the environment they inhabit with a participatory , innovative , informative approach. We , at CEL as a group work on the initiatives which could be replicable/scalable to connect widely with like -minded people and their initiatives.

“The CEL initiative” is also to be reachable to pan-India considering various levels and strata of natural and man-made interfaces.

Collaboration, connect and co-existence are the three keys to the working philosophy of CEL.CEL as an educational arm of BNCA, MKSSS, Pune and wishes to empower the society with the skill set about ecology, its nurturing and protection and also build awareness and respect about practicing the ecological approaches in daily lives.

CEL intends to connect nature and man not only physically or intellectually but also intends to establish a bond between them which is cultural, emotional and metaphysical in its true sense.

BNCA welcomes you all to be part of CEL- a new beginning towards a responsible future! –

Dr. Swati Sahasrabudhe and Dr. Anurag Kashyap
(Founders, CEL, BNCA, Pune, India)  and CEL team at BNCA
(with special thanks to Dr. Anurag Kashyap, Principal, Founder, BNCA, MKSSS, Pune)

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Towards Ecological Landscapes (TEL) Series

TEL (Towards Ecological Landscape)- a series of workshops and firled visists organized every alternate year since 2015

Series# 1( 2015) , 2 (2017) and 3(2019)
The era of climate change, mitigating the everyday challenges of water scarcity, food-grain shortage, contrasts of draughts and heavy rainfall and many such situations that we live in, seem to be taking us to a helpless and aimless future. The landscapes we habitat or surround us are the ones which affect us the most in parts on in entirety. These landscapes with their embedded ecological processes have an important role to play in enhancing the quality of life.

Towards ecological landscape is an initiative to connect and bring individuals  and institutes/ organizations together and to build a community of people who are keen to get engaged with the activities, research , learning and practicing ecological approach towards landscape as a whole. The exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences they share through their own institutional, professional and social levels and regions.  The initiative intends to build awareness and  faith, strengthen the dialogue and help to move toward towards the goal of ecological justice towards UN’s sustainable development goals and significantly preparing a base for contributing in the UN decade 21-30 of ecological restoration.

The first series of TEL (Towards Ecological Landscape) in the form of a symposium held in Sept 2015, was quite successful with the active involvement of 15 resource people in setting up a collaborative dialogue between experts, researchers, academicians and the professionals and provided a meaningful platform for sharing their ecology based projects.

The second series of TEL in the form of a workshop held in Sept 2017 was a great success with 15 speakers sharing their work on ‘Urban Ecology’. The indoor series was followed by visits to projects demonstrating the ecological approach towards urban landscapes.

With this background, we gathered again in Sept, 2019, to take the past discussions ahead, share new experiences , strike new dialogues about ‘ Landscapes with ecological meanings’ and associated ethics which shape these landscapes. The two days event with one day seminar followed by a days’ field workshop intended to have series of indoor sessions on the first day and on-site field workshop on the second day, offering the participants opportunities to learn hands on site about the landscape restoration techniques. The two days TEL-2019 brought together almost 125 participants, 20 projects, three sites and 20 resource persons in the field of ecological restoration,  all who are keen to be part of the collaborative group TEL.

It was really generous on the part of Mharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Sanstha (MKSSS) and Dr. Anurag Kashyap, Principal, BNCA, to support the program wholeheartedly. The workshop was graciously presided over by.

Conceptualized and initiated by:  Dr. Swati Sahasrabudhe, BNCA  and Peeyush Sekhsaria

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FTPPER 2020 Foundation Training Programme in the Practice of Ecological Restoration)

An initiative at CEL, in joint collaboration with SER ( Society for ecological restoration. U.S.A and Junglescapes, India , Heartfelt thanks to Mr. Ramesh Vekatraman and Kaustubh Moghe for their valuable guidance and efforts to bring this initiative into reality !

A team work at Department of Landscape Architecture , BNCA with enthusiastic and committed team of landscape architects Dr. Swati Sahasrabudhe ( Head of Department of Landscape Architecture, BNCA), Anupama Khatavkar and Neha Adkar and student volunteers. A very meaningful beginning of CEL in 2020!

A step towards conceptualization of CEL ( Center for Ecological Landscapes) at Department of Landscape Architecture, BNCA, Pune ( 2015-17)

Forest Camping and Trail Guide to YELAVALI (Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary)
This book published by BNCA Publication Cell and Department of Landscape Architecture is a documentation of ecological aspects of Yelavali village in Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary and its surrounding areas based on the field studies carried out as part of Master’s in landscape architecture studio on ecology. The book shows the importance to understand the interrelationship between man and nature in a natural setting, which is away from a typical urban setting. These natural settings are a valuable source of information and learning. This book intends to capture the ecological essence of the setting through the language of graphics and imagery. The book contains the documentation, trail map and analysis of the natural habitats and the associated resources in a given setting. The book hopes to serve as a demonstrative guide for people of all age groups and backgrounds camping at Yelavali Village, helping them have a deeper experience with nature and the people of Yelavali.…/dp/8192064220

Thanking all for being part of the process- Dr. Swati Sahasrabudhe, Peeyush Sekhsaria, Neema Pathak and Pradeep Chavan( Kalpavriksha)  Faculty and friends ( Ketaki Ghate, Dr.Nikhil Shejwalkar, Kaustubh Moghe, Bhavana Chichwade, Amit Deshmukh ), Milind Sutar, Priya Bhoj Deshmane, Neha Creations, Subhash Dolas and People of Yelavali , The entire batch of 2015-17 ( M.Arch -Landscape), BNCA, Dr. Anurag Kashayp ( Principal, BNCA), MKSSS, Pune

It was wonderful exploration and mapping of ecology and people in real landscapes of life!
Happy reading!

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