Archineering Cell is a team of professors dedicated to a common goal to create responsible professionals with strong academics, environment sensitivity, global connect and good human values.

The cell  has been actively working for the development of students as a professional. We have initiated few activities like Edutech club which is a platform connecting academics and profession. The objective of this platform is to  train the students for profession. Archineering Cell is dedicated to technology which tries to join the gap between academic learning and architecture profession. We  invite eminent architects, structural engineers, industry experts to present their works. Students get an opportunity to interact with the speakers.

We also have a periodical ,Build Text ,published once in a semester .BNCA aspires to achieve higher standards and excellence in education through this endeavour. We do organise various workshops for students for hands on learning experiences. Students enjoy such activities which help them understand experiential learning.

Archineering Cell is always motivated to develop a good inclination of students  towards building technology making the students aware of the current market trends. The Cell is dedicated to make the students ready to accept future challenges of the profession.

Contact of In Charge:
Ar.Poorva Kulkarni
Archineering Head(B.Arch)
Archineering Cell,BNCA
+91 9960227121