Vanaja (Art.Culture.Ecology)
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The VANAJA Club was founded by

Dr. Anurag Kashyap
Principal, BNCA

Prof Asmita Joshi, BNCA

The VANAJA Club was supported By

Mr.Sanjay Deshpande
Director of Sanjeevani Developers

Mr. Anuj Khare Director of Nature Walk
The VANAJA Club was founded by Principal Dr Anurag Kashyap, Prof Asmita Joshi,BNCA, Mr.Sanjay Deshpande, Director Sanjeevani Developers and Mr. Anuj Khare of Nature Walk
  • BNCA has started this club to inculcate awareness among the students with respect to Landscapes, ecosystems, ecological process, wild life, flora and fauna.
  • To Raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage them to participate in environmental initiatives to conserve the environment.
  • To nurture skills, knowledge, values, attitudes and change in behaviour bringing up environmentally responsible citizens who care and protect the environment.
  • The Club took its first steps in January 2014 and have completed many lectures and excursions in the series.
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Sr.No Speaker name Session Details Date  
1 Kiran Purandare , Nitin Kakodkar Inauguration session - Role of Forest officers in conservation 17-01-2014  3rd year  ABC Div
2 Dr .Sanjeev Nalavade Wetland Ecosystem 22-02-2014  3rd year ABCD Div
3 Sunil Limaye Biodiversity of Borivali National park 14-03-2014  3rd year ABCD Div
4 ShrikantIngalhalikar Selection of tree species for functionality 13-08-2014  3rd year ABCD Div
5 KetakiGhate and ManasiKarandikar Ecological Restoration: Case study on a private land in western ghats 12-12-2014  3rd year ABCD Div
6 Dr.MadhavGadgil Biodiversity of Western Ghats 19-03-2015  3rd year ABCD Div
7 Sanjay Deshpande Kanha tiger reserve 10-07-2015  3rd year ABCD Div
8 VikramPotdar Wild life of Polar region 13-08-2015  3rd year ABCD Div
9 Mahesh Nampurkar Landscape Design : From Concept to Form. 09-04-2015  3rd year ABCD Div
10 VineetaJoglekar National Parks of Utah. 18-01-2016  3rd year ABCD Div
11 Ar.VarshaGavandi Campus Design : Landscape Approach 16-02-2016  3rd year ABCD Div
12 Dr.MandarDatar Vegetation types of Indian Subcontinent 23-06-2016  3rd year ABCD Div
13 Dr. Satish Pande Birds as Architects and Architecture for birds 20-07-2016  3rd year ABCD Div
14 Dr.PramodPatil Conservation of Great Indian Bustard: Landscape level approach at Thar Dessert Rajasthan 02-09-2016  3rd year ABCD Div
15 Nitin Kakodkar Experiences of working at Tadoba 16-12-2016  3rd year ABCD Div
16 Dr.BharatBhushan Landscape paradigm in Indian mythology 07-02-2017  3rd year ABCD Div
17  Kedar Bhat Landscape and photography 21-07-2017  3rd year ABCD Div
18 VenkatYerramshetty Art in Architecture 18-08-2017  3rd year ABCD Div
19 Milind Jog Landscape Cinematography 11-01-2018 3rd year ABCD Div
20 VidyaAthreya Man animal conflict in urban areas 27-02-2018 3rd year ABCD Div
        2000 approx.

Event Posters

Prof. Asmita Joshi
Coordinator - Natures club at BNCA
Contact No: 9881134313

Anupama Bapat
Assistant Prof. BNCA

Neha Adkar
Assistant Prof. BNCA
Contact No: 9146062185

Amruta Barve
Assistant Prof. BNCA
Contact No: 9764002403