NASA – ‘National Association of Students of Architecture ‘ is a forum, which promotes interaction between students, faculty and professionals. National NASA convention is a yearly event at the National level and the Zonal NASA is one at the zonal level. In national NASA, 100-120 colleges participate from all over India and Nepal. We have been participating in both the events since 1998. NASA constitutes of 7 Zones throughout India including 1 or 2 states within one Zone. Maharashtra and Gujarat fall under zone-2. The architecture colleges compete for 5 main trophies such as LIK, G-Sen, Nari Gandhi, Reuben, and HUDCO along with Cultural, many on-the-spot games and miscellaneous design competitions. Zonal NASA invites around 20 to 25 colleges per zone while the National and Annual NASA has a participation of over 120 architecture colleges throughout India.

BNCA is permanent member of NASA. Extra curricular activities are given equal priority alongwith academics aiming for the over-all development of every girl that enrolls herself in BNCA.NASA is one such activity that BNCA strongly supports without hesitation at every point each year. Hence it is a matter of honor for every girl to be a part of NASA through BNCA. The records and achievements mentioned below definitely prove us that. BNCA has been in the forefront , in this activity. .

Every year BNCA students participates in various NASA trophies such as Reubens, G – Sen, Habitus, Nari Gandhi and Louis I Kahn. BNCA also participates in cultural activities at NASA.

Some of the most important BNCA NASA achievement highlights are,

  • BNCA winner of the most prestigious ‘Le Corbusier’ trophy for overall performance at NASA 2005 and
  • Organizer host college annual zonal NASA in year 2008-2009.

For detailed NASA achievements of BNCA please check BNCA NASA Achievements.