A. P. Kanvinde Lecture Series
Adwait Badve Lecture Series
Sridhar Athavle Memorial Lecture Series.

BNCA Lecture Series

BNCA has year round events taking place. Some events are annual while some happen on monthly basis. Through these programs our students get maximum exposure to works of Architects, Designers and other related field experts.


Annual Events

P. Kanvinde Lecture Series.

Adwait Badve Lecture Series.

Sridhar Athavle Memorial Lecture Series.

Charles Correa Memorial Lecture Series.


Monthly Events

Once Upon a Time in India (OUTII)

BNCA Katta

Vanaja: Art, Culture and Ecology

Educators for a Change (EFAC)

The ‘Kanvinde Memorial lecture series’ is a platform to create Design awareness and Excellence and is an attempt to pay humble respect to the legend whose excellence in design has set newer milestones in Indian architecture .The platform’s objective being to create awareness about contemporary design practices by hosting prominent designers from across the country to lecture at the BNCA Pune.

This event every year is organised by Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture for Women in Pune.

The target audience are members of academic fraternity – students from all colleges in Pune as well as faculty and professionals . The Lecture Series schedule stretches for an hour and a half wherein faculties speaking about their design philosophy and works.

The series started in 2010 with the inaugural lecture by B.V Doshi and release of the book on A.P.Kanvinde’s works.

Year Speaker Remarks
2009 Ar. B.V. Doshi - Inaugural Lecture "Inauguration of Wall of Fame - Ar. A.P. Kanvinde

Release of first BNCA Publication titles ""Achyut Kanvinde"""

2010 Ar. Karan Grover Release of BNCA Publication titled "Chidakash Ghatakash"
2011 Ar. Kamal Mallick
2011 Ar. Madhav Joshi
2012 Ar. Brinda Somaya "Release of BNCA Publication titled ""Temples and Wadas and

Institutions of Pune"""

2013 Ar. Akhtar Chauhan Release of BNCA Publication titled "Shades of Grey and Green"
2014 Ar. K Jaisim Fourth Year Design Jury and Second year design studio
2015 Ar. Sanjay Mohe Fourth Year Housing design Jury
Patrik Schumacher 2017

Adwait Badawe Memorial Lecture Series is a prestigious annual event at BNCA, instituted by eminent Architect V. V. Badawe of Pune. Eminent Architects and experts from Allied fields are invited every year to present their Works & Design Philosophy and any allied subject in Architecture/ Engineering, to the students, Faculty and Fraternity of Architects as well as public in general in Pune.

Technology is the essence of economy. As a part of building industry, we need to be on the forefront of technology. Keeping this vision in mind, Department of Building Technology at BNCA has initiated a new lecture series which will be one of the prestigious annual events at BNCA.


This lecture series has been initiated in the name of Architect Shridhar Athavale, as a tribute to his contribution in architectural education in Pune. He had been a pioneer to initiate architectural education in Pune and had worked as Head of the Department of Architecture at Bhartiya Kala Prasarini Sabha’s college of Architecture, Pune. In his memory the building technology department of the college has started the “Shridhar Athavale lecture series”, aimed at bridging the gap between the academics and the construction practices in India. They are intended to provide a common platform for interaction and experience exchange between all the professionals in the construction industry and students.


Every year eminent architects, structural engineers and experts who have worked in the field of construction technology will be invited as a speaker to guide the students and professionals in the field. Under that banner, the department proudly laid it’s first stepping stone by organizing lecture by Mr. Arun Purandare on “Development of Ferrocast Systems for Building Construction.”