Student life at BNCA is its primary focus and concern. The institute works diligently and with rigor towards the holistic development of each of its students and this means that their mental and physical well-being is our primary concern.

Developing the overall personality of the student, making her socially and emotionally strong, making them aware of their duties and rights as a responsible citizen, training them in soft skills and making them industry ready are some of the key objectives on our agenda.

Providing state of art infrastructure, forming various committees, having transparency in marking and results, creating healthy competitive spirit amongst all, celebrating every success big or small, promoting new ideas, supporting weaker students to make progress, encouraging extracurricular talent etc. are some of the areas that the institute is constantly working for.

BNCA makes consistent efforts for providing as many opportunities to its students:

  • To explore latest market trends by arranging several events, seminars, workshops, market visits etc.
  • To participate in as many events as possible by giving equal importance to all co-curricular and extracurricular activities
  • To come forward and exhibit their talent other than academics

The institute firmly believes in empowering women through education and making them self-sufficient, independent and is making every effort towards this.