Research & Publications


1. Towards an Ecological Landscape (Series-1)
Towards an Ecological Landscape with its theme (Pune and its environs) is the 1st series (TEL-1 2015). This book published by BNCA Publication Cell holds an array of articles which carry the essence of 14 presentations delivered by experts from varied fields such as ecology, botany, landscape architecture, water management, forest conversation, environment, urban planning and design, environmental sciences. The book consists of valuable bundle of knowledge about ecological landscapes to explore your own scope towards future liveable and sustainable environment.

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2. Forest Camping and Trail Guide to YELAVALI (Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary)
This book published by BNCA Publication Cell is a documentation of ecological aspects of Yelavali village in Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary and its surrounding areas based on the field studies carried out as part of Master’s in landscape architecture studio on ecology. The book shows the importance to understand the interrelationship between man and nature in a natural setting, which is away from a typical urban setting. These natural settings are a valuable source of information and learning. This book intends to capture the ecological essence of the setting through the language of graphics and imagery. The book contents the documentation, trail map and analysis of the natural habitats and the associated resources in a given setting. The book hopes to serve as a demonstrative guide for people of all age groups and backgrounds camping at Yelavali Village, helping them have a deeper experience with nature and the people of Yelavali.

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Lanturn Issue 1 March 2009
Lanturn Issue 3 Feb 2008
Lanturn Issue 6 Dec 2010
Lanturn Issue 7 Jan 2011
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Lanturn Issue 9 April 2011