Welcome to the Department of Masters of Landscape Architecture at BNCA

‘Landscape Architecture’ deals with concerns and concepts related to pure nature, nature-man relationship and manmade environments. Landscape Architecture encompasses aspects such as ecology, environmental up gradation, industrial landscapes, and wasteland management, urban landscapes, green belts, and cultural and historical landscapes and so on from micro to macro level. Landscape Architecture has a ‘history’ a ‘present’ and a ‘future’, which reveals man’s response to nature from the past till present. The essential dimension of Landscape Architecture is the dimension of time.

Landscape Architecture is both an art and a science, concerned with creating places for people. Landscape Architects may use the tools of planning, design, management and analysis in which to conceive of and guide the development of land.This department offers two year maters degree course in landscape architecture. This course is designed and detailed as per the norms of Council of Architecture of India, AICTE All India Council of Technical Education and Savitribai Phule Pune University. This course has started at the inception of the BNCA in 2006. The intake is of 20 students for this course.

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