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Hello Everyone!

Greetings! Welcome to the Department of Masters of Landscape Architecture at BNCA!!

Department of Landscape Architecture was established in 2006. The department’s primary goal is to impart education in Landscape Architecture at post-graduate level. BNCA is the first and only institute conducting M.Arch (Landscape) course in the state of Maharashtra. It is always been a place to learn, to initiate and to express one’s own ideas and thoughts , through various activities, discussions and workshops related to the field of Landscape Architecture at local, national and international level. The Department‘s philosophy focuses on imparting quality education and on strengthening the profession through Design and Research in Landscape Architecture. It also encourages and initiates interactive learning activities for students, landscape professionals and for people who are keen to know about this field. LA forum (Landscape Architects’ Forum) is one such platform in BNCA.

Landscape Architecture is a profession very close to my heart and has made a deep impact on how I believe, think and act. As Landscape Architects, we have an immense power to create a sustainable future. The field of Landscape Architecture and its relevance to the shaping of the world ( from micro-level design to macro-level planning) being well-known today, the role of landscape architects at rural, semi-urban and urban level needs to be thought in a more elaborative manner. The expertise a Landscape Architect can offer is significant not only in terms of natural resource management but also in terms of cultural resource management.

The course being located in Maharashtra, India, carries the ethos of the past, the essence of the present and an approach towards the future of the world of Landscape Architecture, being global and simultaneously rooted to its natural and cultural context.

There is a wide spectrum to explore, once one enters the field of Landscape Architecture. The course is a new beginning to inculcate and imbibe a set of skills and domains of knowledge towards becoming not only a Landscape Architect but also a responsible professional. A Landscape Architect is an integral part of the team in the collaborative approach followed in worldwide practices. The course enables the students to inspire, to research and to innovate in the domains of theory and practice, to build up their future line of thought and action.

The education imparted in the two years rigorous programme, March. (Landscape Architecture) at Department of Landscape Architecture, BNCA, is an opportunity, for fresh architects who have just completed their bachelor’s in Architecture from various schools and also for experienced architects/ professionals in the field of Architecture from across the globe, to look at the world from a futuristic perspective.

So, let’s join our hands for a wise, healthier and a sustainable future….
With best wishes,

Swati Sahasrabudhe,
Landscape Architect,
Head of Department of Landscape Architecture, BNCA