Environmental lab – REED

REED (Route to Environment and Energy Development) is a state of art research and development lab facility set up at the department of Environmental Architecture.

This lab aims to facilitate strong Industry-Academic tie-ups. The lab facility is accessible to industry partners, research scholars and students. The lab will assist students and researcher in their on-field/off field research related to Climate data monitoring, Post occupancy evaluation studies and Design Based interventions.

The lab is equipped high end instruments and software required for carrying out field based studies. Various instruments like Thermal imaging camera, lux meter, 5 in 1 environmental meter, IR thermometer gun, temperature and humidity data loggers, sound meter, anemometer, CO2 meters are available for research studies and are regularly used by students at the institute. The lab is also equipped with the latest building performance simulation software like Arc GIS, Sefaira, IES (Intergrated Environmental Solutions) & Design Builder amongst others. These software are used by students right from the early design stage to post occupancy and retrofit project evaluation.

The lab is also equipped with demonstrative models of various sustainable cooling technologies like radiant cooling, structure cooling and direct and indirect evaporative cooling system. These demonstrative live scale models are used as a teaching-learning aid for students of both graduation and post graduation.

Infrastructure – REED Lab

The various instruments currently available with the department and their use is highlighted in the table below.

Name of Instrument Quantity Purpose of Use
Lux Meter 3 To measure illumination levels indoor
5 in 1 Environmental Meter 1 Measures all 5 parameters ie illumination, sound, humidity, temperature and airspeed
Anenometer 1 Measures air speed
Sound Meter 1 Measures decible levels outdoor and indoor
Data Logger (Wireless) 2 Measures temperature and humidity in a closed space. Its wireless and can record continuous changes in temperature and humidity
Data Logger 1 Measures temperature and humidity in a closed space. Its not wireless so length between two spaces is restricted but can be used to record continuous changes in temperature and humidity
Thermohygrometer 1 Records temperature and humidity
Infrared Thermometer 2 Measures surface temperature of materials
Thermal Imager 1 Measures thermal range of building surfaces through photographic sensors
Humidity and Temperature Data Logger 4 Measures continuous temperature and humidity together in a space and data can be transferred to desktop
CO2 sensors 3 Measures indoor air quality for its CO2 emissions

REED Instruments