• Mercy corps Indonesia & Asian cities climate change resilience network (ACCCRN) – Jaipur – environmental planning for climate change resilient city.
  • PMC and many NGO’s – draft a comprehensive outline of the issues and concerns underlying the controversial Paud-Road Balbharati Proposed Road Project in Pune.
  • SPA, Delhi – preparing an ‘Environmental Improvement Plan’ for River Yamuna which was later presented to the Delhi Development Authority -DDA.

Past collaboration until 2016

  • Royal Institute of arts, Stockholm, Sweden – developing masterplan goa 2020 with resilience city as theme.
  • Royal Institute of arts, Stockholm, Sweden – developing Pune as ECO CITY
  • International Convention Centre (ICC) – Redesign & retrofit
  • Persistent – energy reduction in their buildings and Initiatives were also taken to ‘Redesign and Retrofit
  • Architects Engineers Surveyors Association (AESA), PMC & Synefra – ‘Moving towards Green Design ’09 was a national seminar hosted by BNCA to introduce to the participants from the construction sector various Green Building Concepts
  • NIASA, COA in March 2009 to host a ‘Quality Improvement Program’: titled ‘Embedding sustainability in emerging urban architecture’.
  • Ministry of Environment and Forests funded and BAIF initiated a project ‘Urban Biodiversity Parks – A Pune perspective 2009’. This event was conceived and hosted by Department of Environment Planning and Architecture at BNCA. The seminar invited speakers from across India to brainstorm on the issue of bio diversity parks and their zoning reservations in urban areas.
  • Eco Housing – BNCA are founder advisory members of Eco Housing Cell under Pune Municipal Corporation and also an Eco Housing Validating Authority for assessing eco-housing projects in the city.
  • ECO III Network – BNCA has collaborated with ECO III Network, initiated by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Government of India for capacity building for Energy Efficiency of Commercial Buildings in India.