Achivements & Events

Kirloskar’s Vasundhara Festival

Vasundhara festival is organized by Kirloskar group every year. Vasundhara event attempts to explore nature and analyze issues related to environment, wildlife, energy, air and water. The Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival (KVIFF), India’s only film festival dedicated to the topic of environment, is being held for every year by the Kirloskar and Vasundhara Club. Every year, the environment experts, students, activists, filmmakers and enthusiasts from across the country participate in exclusive film screenings, panel discussions and allied activities throughout the festival. This festival is fully non- commercial and free to all (no ticket sale).The message of the festival is to preserve, protect and save the earth for generation next.

As a part of this festival, every year BNCA organizes events like lecture series, competition, exhibition etc since 2013.

Conference on Rivers of Pune

A joint conference was organized under Kirloskar’s Vasundhara festival by Department of Environmental Architecture on the 9th Jan. 2017. The theme was Rivers of Pune. Mrs. Shanti Vaidya -Sr. scientist from CWPRS was invited as a main speaker for the conference. Alumni student of LA department and Ar. Mahesh bangad also presented their works on Pune river.


Every year an Exhibition on Eco Friendly materials and products is organized by Department of Environmental Architecture. The purpose of Green Fest is to provide opportunity to students to gain knowledge about various Green materials & technologies and to educate community on the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle and to promote Green practices.


Jatan is a youth festival which takes place every year in the city where various events and competitions take place to celebrate and admire environment and address the subject of sustainability at large. This festival is organized in association with the Pune Municipal Corporation along with various organisations, NGOs and educational institutes. As a part of this festival, every year BNCA organizes events like lecture series, competition, exhibition etc.

Jatan 2016

As part of the Jatan festival 2016, BNCA participated in Exhibition on environment related works.

Kabad Se Jugaad Competition

BNCA also organized a competition ‘Kabad se Jugaad’ i.e. Creating ‘Wealth from Waste’ where participants were expected to create the wealthiest product in terms of its use and material from waste material.