Core Values  At BNCA

BNCA, at an institutional level believes in the following four systems as its core values of functioning. The larger vision of the institute is to create independent individuals who are better human beings than just good architects, who add value to their built environment by being more sensitive about their surroundings. The sense of “Life is larger than architecture” is instilled into the minds of the students through the five years so as to make them complete individuals who are ready to create their mark in the society and contribute to their surroundings as responsible citizens.

The institute aims at the holistic development of the student and thus functions with the following values:

  1. Academic
  2. Administrative
  3. Co-Curricular
  4. Extra – Curricular

The Academic Values

Being an education institute imparting the knowledge of Architecture to more than 800 students at a time, BNCA takes it up as its most important duty in providing the best in class academic enrichment to the students while adhering to the prescribed syllabus of the SPPU along with following all necessary norms laid out by the AICTE and the COA.

Following are the values that form the academic values.

  1. Maintaining high teaching standards
  2. Hiring competent qualified teachers (as per norms) and training them to deliver their best for the academic quality enrichment
  3. Conducting regular Quality improvement programs for the faculty members
  4. Hosting in house workshops for Faculty members
  5. Use of Technology as an aid for effective teaching
  6. Promoting experiential learning
  7. Arranging more site visits, factory visits, workshop visits
  8. Inviting subject experts to conduct lectures (pertaining to syllabus)
  9. Promoting creative thinking among the students
  10. Promoting healthy competitive spirit, generating team spirit among the students
  11. Periodic feedback from Faculty members, students are collected and actions are taken as necessary in the benefit of the institute
  12. Equal opportunities are given to all students considering the possibility of having some slow learners in the classroom
  13. Students with health ailments and issues are considered on humanitarian grounds and are offered maximum support from college side
  14. Faculty members are urged to device and implement teaching tools that will help students learn better and easily
  15. Conducting Rural Settlement projects with focus on academic learnings

Co-Curricular Values:

BNCA believes that not all education can be imparted inside the four walls of the classroom and thus co-curricular learning is needed. The institute promotes all possible means and platforms for learning outside the classroom.

  1. Participation in NASA competitions and events
  2. Integrating competition briefs in Academic exercises
  3. Organizing and allowing students to conduct the College Fest _ Culturals event
  4. Conducting National and International Tours for Students
  5. Organizing and conducting National and International Workshops in collaboration or independently
  6. Organizing talks by experts under various forums as such A.P. Kanvinde Memorial Lecture Series, Adwait Badawe Memorial Lecture, Vanaja, Once upon a time in India etc
  7. Hosting inter class competitions, debates, events for generating vertical interaction and promoting peer learning.