BNCA recognizes importance of collaborative initiatives and its vitality in the academic world. Such collaborations are symbiotic in nature. Please check international collaborations made with International Cell. Listed below are collaborations made in the recent past at postgraduate courses at BNCA.

Master in Environmental Architecture

  1. BNCA collaborated with PMC and many NGO’s to draft a comprehensive outline of the issues and concerns underlying the controversial Paud-Road Balbharati Proposed Road Project in Pune.
  2. BNCA collaborated with SPA, Delhi for preparing an ‘Environmental Improvement Plan’ for River Yamuna which was later presented to the Delhi Development Authority -DDA.
  3. Initiatives were also taken to ‘Redesign and Retrofit’ two major IT complexes in Pune namely International Convention Centre -ICC and Persistent for energy reduction in their buildings.
  4. ‘Moving towards Green Design ’09 was a national seminar hosted by BNCA to introduce to the participants from the construction sector various Green Building Concepts. The conference was organized in collaboration with Pune Municipal Corporation – PMC, Architects Engineers Surveyors Association – AESA, Pune along with Synefra.
  5. BNCA collaborated with NIASA, COA in March 2009 to host a ‘Quality Improvement Program’: titled ‘Embedding sustainability in emerging urban architecture’.
  6. Ministry of Environment and Forests funded and BAIF initiated a project ‘Urban Biodiversity Parks – A Pune perspective 2009’. This event was conceived and hosted by Department of Environment Planning and Architecture at BNCA. The seminar invited speakers from across India to brainstorm on the issue of bio diversity parks and their zoning reservations in urban areas.
  7. Workshop on ‘Culture and Lifestyle study’, Supported by Savitribai Phule Pune University was conducted in collaboration between BNCA and The Royal University of Fine Arts, Sweden. Students from both institutes worked towards generating Sustainable Planning proposals for a selected Study area in the city, with an objective to facilitate an exchange of ideas between two different groups of students with varied backgrounds.
  8. Interactions and collaborations by BNCA were initiated with SIDA – Swedish International Development Agency for developing Pune as an ‘Eco City’.
  9. BNCA are founder advisory members of Eco Housing Cell under Pune Municipal Corporation and also an Eco Housing Validating Authority for assessing eco-housing projects in the city.
  10. BNCA has collaborated with ECO III Network, initiated by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Government of India for capacity building for Energy Efficiency of Commercial Buildings in India.
  11. BNCA are members of IGBC: Indian Green Building Council and collaborative efforts for joint seminars and conferences is our future agenda.

Master in Landscape Architecture

  1. BNCA collaborated with Maharashtra Navnirman Sena -MNS for a road design competition. Our students bagged the second position with prize money of Rs. 75,000/-. Students were felicitated at the hands of Hon Shri Raj Thackeray.
  2. University of Pune collaborated with the M. Arch. – Landscape Architecture department for a competition on ‘Conceptual Master Plan’ proposal floated for students.  Our students won the first position with a cash prize of  Rs.1, 00,000/- for their intergrated and sustainable design development.
  3. General Motors, India collaborated with BNCA to float a competition for the students of 2nd year M. Arch. – Landscape. Ar. Aboli Aurangabadkar and Ar. Snehal Patwardhan bagged the first prize of Rs 1, 70,000/- , Ar. Nutan Prabhu and Ar. Snehal Yadav bagged the second prize of Rs 1,30,000/- with Ar. Madhura Lavand getting a consolation prize.
  4. The second year M. Arch students had an opportunity to participate in a competition hosted by College of Military Engineering, Pune, for the Landscape development of the Rowing channel at the CME Campus, Khadki Pune.
  5. Daetwyler India, a Swiss company situated at Pirangut, Pune, hosted a competition for the Campus design of their factory premises. The competition was won by a BNCA student, Ar. Sheetal Khadpe.
  6. BNCA collaborated with SPA, Delhi in association with INTACH – BELGIUM for a joint studio on: Lost Gardens of Khajuraho. The project work of the students on the lost gardens of the Royal Estates of Khajuraho was presented to the client of whom one was successfully implemented.
  7. Landscape Department of BNCA collaborated with INTACH -Aurangabad Chapter and INTACH – Belgium Chapter for offering consultancy related to a heritage structure and gardens in Aurangabad.
  8. The Landscape Department hosted a Quality Improvement Program in association with NIASA, COA on ‘Landscape Architecture: Experiments, Expressions and Future Challenges’.
  9. An interdisciplinary workshop on ‘Landscape Inspirations and Place making’ was organized by BNCA. This two day joint workshop for design students was set to explore the elements of landscape design. It gave an opportunity to students of BNCA and MIT- Institute of Design to learn from nature and manmade landscape.
  10. City perspective – Biodiversity Park: A solution for Citizens’ health and happiness. Biodiversity has become a crucial issue in the current global scenario. M. Arch.-Landscape students took up a project for the proposal of a ‘Biodiversity park’ at NDA Hills behind CDSA-Pune.
  11. A collaborative joint studio was conducted between BNCA and SPA, Delhi on ‘Forts of Maharashtra’.  This was a 7 day joint workshop on ‘landscape study of forts of Maharashtra organized by BNCA. This workshop gave an opportunity to students to hear experts who have worked extensively on forts and also visited 3 types of forts: Daulatabad fort, Sea fort: Janjira fort and Hill fort: Raigad fort.