BNCA has excellent infrastructural facilities. The institute has developed an excellent infrastructure consisting of the following facilities as per standards laid down by the Council of Architecture – CoA, New Delhi, and the All India Council of Technical Education – AICTE, New Delhi, Savitribai Phule Pune University – UoP etc. BNCA is a part of 26 acre campus layout of our samstha at Karvenagar. The college has a scenic landscaping around. It has about 30,000 sq. ft. of floor area on four floors. The college has a well designed building with a central courtyard for interaction, recreation and cultural activities and common facilities like workshop, playground, and canteen in campus.

Excellent state of the art infrastructure of BNCA is strength with exceptionally wide experienced faculty supported by on campus hostel facility, library, computer studios, carpentry workshop, hobby workshop, seminar hall, and all allied facilities. The institute has developed an excellent infrastructure consisting of the following facilities in last 18 years to achieve the goal of the institution and keeping pace with the globalization with well designed building is a part of campus layout of our Samstha at Karve Nagar, Pune. The college has a scenic landscaping around with a central courtyard for interaction, recreation and cultural activities. The college building houses library, seminar hall, computer studios, big art studios, classrooms, and exhibition area.

The college has large class rooms with sufficient area for each student. Studios are provided with drawing boards, studio chairs, soft boards, and audiovisual facilities, etc. The studios are well ventilated and have good quality light condition. Spacious and well furnished design studios and separate lecture halls for each class are the feature of BNCA. High-tech computers with LAN and LCD projection systems, hardware and software, digital cameras, printers, scanners and video cameras etc. all are the back bones of our infrastructure.

The college has high-tech computer graphics studios with more than 360 advanced computers with LAN and internet services through wireless connectivity, and LCD projection systems, hardware and software, digital cameras, printers, scanners, plotters, photocopying machine and video cameras etc. all are the back bone of our infrastructure. Advance graphics lab is equipped with 120 computers with advanced configurations, a central control room, audio – visual projection facilities and a central data archiving center. As a part of BNCA’s pursuit to be technologically in synch with the times, the following hardware and systems were installed in the college:

  • IBM e-server,
  • Advanced Networking Equipment from CISCO,
  • HP Graphics work station,
  • Cyberoam firewall security system,
  • NAS – Network Attached Storage data back-up system of 2TB capacity.

A new utility centre was started for the students and faculty of the college with facilities for printing, plotting, scanning, photocopying and free stations for internet browsing.


Library in BNCA has open access system. Library is with over 8500 books including text books, reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, code books, and data sources books. BNCA Library also has bound volumes, thesis, research report, periodicals; and also has more than 1000 audiovisual materials such as CD, DVD, etc. More than 45 national and international journals, famous books, past students’ work in digital as well as printed format are available. It has internet facility and a large collection of audio and video facilities. A comprehensive, bar coded, computerized library and reading hall equipped with internet connection, email facility, audio video CD and DVD, national and international journals, books, past students work in digital format and photocopying facilities are also available.


Fabrication Lab

Fabrication Lab is being developed with the vision of making the new generation aware about CAD – Computer aided Design, CAM – Computer Aided Manufacturing and CNC – Computer Numerically Controlled.

Architecture has always represented the technology prevailing of its time. Now, it is the age of Information and Digital Projects. Aim is towards creating an architecture which is ‘performative’– that is, it is functional in all respects. Faster, more flexible and highly proficient systems have replaced traditional methods of design and construction.

The progress in CAD and CAM industries has now made it possible to design economically, speedily and more efficiently. Architects now explore complex geometries and undertake construction of the same with the help of CNC fabrication technologies including working with laser cutters, milling machines, and 3D printers, thus bringing in higher control and precision in construction process. Rapid prototyping at various stages in architectural projects facilitates architects to test and investigate design in a superior manner.

In this context we are equipped with a milling machine, Laser cutting machine and a 3D Printer. By tapping into this new resource and pushing the boundaries in the field of Architecture from the grass root level, we believe our students will be capable of taking greater challenges in future.

The college has a Carpentry Workshop. It accommodates 80 students at a time. It has all carpentry tools and wood working instruments. The students make wooden furniture items under the guidance of skilled carpenters, polishers and cushion makers.

The college also has a Model Making Workshop for pottery, clay, ceramics, paper, thermocol, metal workshop. The college invites artists and organizes one or two day art learning workshops. The equipments related to workshop like pottery wheel, thermacol cutting machine are available in the college.


Laboratory for climatology experiments, equipped with a wind tunnel and sun path simulator, an audio visual presentation facility, ultra modern model making room and workshop, construction yard, art and craft studio, auditorium and exhibition space are other additional facilities.

Material Museum


Survey and Leveling Lab

Construction Yard


The college has a Auditorium with all modern facilities in the campus. The juries and seminars are conducted in Auditorium hall with ultra modern LCD projector, computer, and audio and video facilities, the auditorium hall has a capacity of 280.

Allied facilities such as the facility for indoor and out-door games is available in the campus. College has table tennis room inside the building. The canteen is available on the premises. Printing, photocopying, internet facility with wireless network are available

Sports Facilities for indoor and outdoor games like table tennis, badminton, cricket and carom are provided for all round development.



Printing, photocopying & Stationary

Facility for disabled

Interaction Courts

Samstha’s common hostels are supervised by Samantha are for college students provide a right blend of academic pursuit and memorable hostel life. About 1200 students are accommodated in various campus hostels. Our samstha has 4 hostels with a total of 270 rooms. There are 3 hostels on triple sharing basis and 1 hostel with twin sharing basis. Spacious rooms with excellent facilities for the day to day needs like washing machine areas, toilets, storage etc. in addition to a well equipped gymnasium, three different dining halls and solar water heating system, T.V. room, and parlor are some of the features of our well designed hostel buildings, one of which is reserved for foreign students and N.R.I’s.


ATM Kiosk