Dr-Shubhada-KamalapurkarDr Shubhada Kamalapurkar
Academic Head (2016 – till date)
Former Head of Department of Landscape Architecture (2006-2015)

After performing a role as a Founder Member and Former Head of the Department of Landscape Architecture (2006-2014) and teaching and practicing for 21 years; it is an honor and bigger responsibility in playing a key role as Academic Head. Under the domain are Graduate course in Architecture and Post-Graduate courses- Environmental, Landscape and Digital Architecture and Doctoral Programme.

I always find this question absolute relevant and thus to answer this I would like to share the Institute’s Philosophy of considering architectural education not confined to classrooms and of working on ‘Realtime’ projects in Studio, where the concerns are living and the user is along with.

At the Post-graduate level, while promoting Maharshi Karve Philosophy of ‘Earn while learn’ through procuring live projects to work on, for the students, I could to some extent bridge the gap between industry and academics. Through these collaborative initiatives, the department of LA, won AESA Citation , 2013 for Industry- Academia Engagement for the Landscape Project of Industrial Project – Atlas Copco, Chakan, Pune .We were fortunate to have prestigious clients like Atlas Copco, G M Motors, Daetwyler Industries, India; College of Military Engineering , Pune ; University of Pune, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) , Maharashtra State Tourism Corporation (MTDC) for our studio projects. For international exposure to the students, we planned landscape study tours and collaborations with various Universities abroad, prestigious of them being University of Illionois, Urbana Champaign, Curtin University, AKPBSI, India; Center for Environmental Education (CEE), India , INTACH- Belgium and India, giving international exposure to the students.

Based on the success stories of Industry-Academia Engagement , Industrial tie-ups and National –International Collaborations, I look forward to taking up these initiatives at undergraduate level as well. BNCA is a platform, where we invite experts from the field sharing their experiences and work in their domain, conduct workshops, interactive sessions and study tours to give an insight to the students on various aspects associated to the field. Architectural education being very special or rather a very unique typology, the scope of the studies mainly seeks inclusive approach .thus the intention is to understand or explore on a different perspective of looking at the field as Architects. Our intention is essentially not to conclude the learning process but to evolve.

The step taken this year is the work on Smart cities through inter-disciplinary project work where Architecture department works in sync with Cummins Engineering college and Management college to give more comprehensive solutions for the Country.

In the new role as an Academic Head, I look forward to setting new standards in the field of Architectural education through multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary interface, with fields of not only Landscape Architecture, Environmental Architecture, Digital architecture, Urban design, Townplanning etc; but also Mechanical Engineering , Instrumentation , Electronic and Telecommunications branches of Engineering and Management studies .Through this approach we further explore on the opportunity to contribute to the society through collaborations with Ministries, Government bodies, local corporators etc. looking forward for the possibilities of implementation, realizing the dream of making our urban cities more smarter, more humane, more sustainable.

Devoid of any financial benefit in the whole exercise, the aim of this institute is to enlighten all the stakeholders, students and faculty too. That’s what really counts. Finally, this research based collective efforts should reach the society as useful insight and hope that through the collective efforts this platform will definitely serve as ‘the bridge’’ between Academics and Society.
Through our Architectural Education, lets join hands together to make our cities and our environment more livable and sustainable!!

With Best Wishes,
Dr Shubhada Kamalapurkar B.Arch (Pune), M.Arch (Arch.Conservation, SPA Delhi), Ph.D in Arch. (SPPU,Pune)
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Professor and Academic Head
Founder and Former Head  – Dept of Landscape Architecture (2006-2015)
Associate Member :  INTACH AND IIA
Member – ICOMOS- India, National Scientific Committees of Cultural Landscapes & cultural Tourism
Contributing Member on International Scientific Committee on Cultural Landscapes
Member Board of Studies in Architecture (2017-2022), Dept of Science and Technology, SPPU, Pune
Past Member of Board of Studies of Architecture (2005-2010),Faculty of Engineering, SPPU, Pune